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      “Gran Oh Laa” is a combination of all the delicious ideas, flavors, and ingredients of your favorite junk food, kidnapped, baked, and made naturally without preservatives or additives. Ol Nettie Joe realized a long time ago that junk food is just too delicious to say “no” to. So she set out to settle the family feud and bring wholefoods and junk food together…before Romeo and Juliet die. And we assure you that this story will end better than Shakespeare’s, but "Gran Oh Laa" is certainly a great snack to chew in between pages.

        Our bottom line is, when you are too big for your bottoms, you should draw the line. You shouldn't have to completely give up on the flavors and foods you have grown to love so passionately. Nettie Joe wants you to start making steps towards a healthier life and that starts with the foods you eat. So when you have that irresistible urge to snack, before you grab a bag of processed food like chips or powdered doughnuts, try Nettie Joe's "Gran Oh Laa"; it will fill you up, give you nourishment, and is guaranteed to regulate you and we are not talking traffic lights!

Yogurt with Fruit
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